• When will I get my download link?

This will come as soon as your payment is accepted. Usually this is instant. The download link is in an email sent to the email address you have provided.

  • I have not received my link?
Look in your Junk folder. Sometimes strange things can happen with Security software. If you have the email confirmation saying you have paid, then the codes have been sent. Please contact us if you still cannot find them.
  • Shipping? Why does it mention this when they are emailed files?
We have not managed to be rid of this term. Nothing will be posted to you as we do not stock any paper copies of our resources. You will be delivered your file via your email.
  • I need a pdf invoice

Send us an email and we will send you one. We can't send them automatically but we understand some Accounts offices can't pay with the email invoice.

  • Why won't PayPal work?
We have withdrawn PayPal as we could not make it work. Some browsers seem to affect PayPal use. We suggest you use a credit card or buy the product direct deposit. All payments are processed by Eway, a totally secure and fully verified gateway. We do not receive any of your details and they do not store them.
  • Can I have hard copies of booklets delivered?
We do not usually supply single hard copies of booklets or exam papers. However, if you are a school which wants colour multiples for a class set we can organise this. Contact us and we will discuss cost and timing.
  • Why would I pay extra for Word copies of products?

Most importantly, Word versions are copyrighted for school use. The pdf files sold on this site are copyrighted for single-student use, not class groups.Schools can use them repeatedly and with classes when they buy Word versions. Also, if you are a teacher and you would like to cut and paste files easily, please Word copies of exam papers are far easier to work with.



    If you buy from this site there are a number of different payment options. Using a credit card will give you an immediate download. Choosing the direct deposit option allows you to pay later. With this option, if you order including your school name we will deliver within 24 hours. You then take the confirmation invoice received to your office to organise payment by cheque or direct deposit.

    However, we understand many teachers cannot buy online without office approval. If this applies to you, please visit our SCHOOLS ORDER FORM page and download the relevant order form. You can fax or email it back to us. We will deliver to your email and send your office an invoice.